Design Philosophy & Inspiration

Inspired by the surrounding landscape, the overall design concept "Link Valley" will manifest the five themes of Study, Living, Work, Sports & Recreation and Sustainable, healthy & smart campus to create a vibrant community at the Pokfield Campus. It will be a place that fosters the integration of deep scholarly expertise with academic advancement, technology advancement and environmental sustainability.

The 4Cs’ Concept

The development of Pokfield Campus reflects the context and landscape of the existing site, as well as the innovative and ambitious nature of the campus and the University. The 4Cs’ concept is adopted in the new campus development to facilitate different stakeholders’ needs and aspirations.


Benchmarked university with state-of-the-art academic, professional and wellness facilities


Support and promote interaction across traditional boundaries and disciplines


Incubation and research for new insights and ideas to address all challenges


Conducive environment to congregate students, scholars, alumni and others