Caring for our Community

Watch the video to find out more on what the Pokfield Campus means to HKU’s development, and how the development aspires to create a more connected and green campus hub for the community.

This video prepared as of December 2022 is for informational purpose only and the campus design is subject to further revision.

The University has proactively engaged stakeholders at the planning phase and has been listening to the views of residents, HKU members and District Council members to adjust the design, address the potential impact and balance these views with the development needs of the University.

Throughout the development, the project team will:

  • monitor different areas of progress at the worksite and its vicinities and ensure that the construction meets the design and statutory requirements.
  • continuously evaluate the effectiveness of mitigation measures.
  • Modifying the overall building alignment and foundation system to match the topography, adopting methods such as prefabrication and non-percussive foundation to minimise excavation works and to shorten construction time.
  • Reinforcing some natural slopes within the site to ensure safety and meet current standards. Proposed tree felling and transplant (with permission from relevant government authorities) will be compensated within the campus development.
  • This project will not affect any heritage sites (i.e. declared monuments, proposed monuments, graded historic sites or buildings, sites of archaeological interest and government historic sites identified by the Antiquities and Monuments Office).
  • Building alignment and orientation are designed to maintain ventilation and minimise visual impact. Proposed building heights will not exceed the statutory requirements.
  • Increasing the distance between the new buildings and the residential buildings. Vertical greening and spacing design will also enhance the building exterior.
  • Vehicle entrance and drop-off points from Pokfield Road and Pokfulam Road will be within the campus.
Construction Site
  • Mandating contractors to undertake mitigation measures on noise, dust and sewage, and also strictly adhere to COVID-19 prevention measures on the site.
  • On-site mitigation includes the use of handheld demolition tools, frequent watering and cleaning of the site and scaffolding wrapping to control dust emission.
  • Construction vehicles must meet all requirements of government authorities in cleanliness and traffic flow. HKU will impose strict contractual requirements on contractors’ obligation to abide by all regulations.
  • HKU will continue to work closely with student hostels surrounding the development site to alleviate the potential impact on the residents.