Main Features

21st Century Campus
Sustainable, Healthy & Smart Campus
Academic Flagship
Knowledge Centre
Intellectual Community
Healthy Lifestyle
Sports & Recreation
We aspire to nurture a university community where people connect and collaborate across disciplines to benefit the society. A new extension of the campus will be much more than the simple sum of faculties and facilities. It will be a hub of merging the profound knowledge with technological innovations and ecological sustainability. Creating responsive infrastructure to support the University’s research, teaching and learning missions is a significant step in the University’s continued success as a community of learning and discovery.

Campus Design

  • Location: Junction of Pokfield Road and Pokfulam Road
  • Five main buildings with green areas will be developed in three phases with an estimated construction floor area of 146,000 square metres
  • Phase 1: An academic complex of the HKU Business School and a multi-purpose sports complex
  • Phase 2: Residence for staff and visiting scholars
  • Phase 3: An interactive teaching and learning complex and a conference centre
  • Envisaged as a sustainable, healthy and smart campus
  • Works started in Q4 2020; to be completed in phrases starting from 2025